Spring Edition of Home Chat 2020

The next edition of Home Chat is due out in the first weeks of the exhibition Noël Coward: Art & Style at Guildhall Art Gallery (off Gresham Street) EC2V 5AE. Tel :020 332 3370 that commences on June 14. See their website for dates and opening hours.The Spring/Summer 2020 edition of Home Chat is still available online and looks at the support given by the Noël Coward Foundation during the pandemic.Together with the 100th anniversary of Coward's first play in the West End, news from The Noël Coward Society, articles on The Sitwells plus puzzles and quiz items to help while away the hours until our theatres open again.

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Noël Coward: Art & Style

Noël Coward: Art & Style celebrates the dazzling visual side of Coward’s life and work by taking a fresh and vibrant look at the glittering world that Coward created. Bringing together never-before-seen materials from the Coward Archive, the exhibition demonstrates vividly the enormous impact that he and his creative circle had on the fashion and culture of his time, and how his legacy and influence still resonate today. The world première of this new exhibition marks the 100th anniversary of Noël Coward’s West End debut as a 19-year-old playwright.

The Importance of Happiness:
Noel Coward and the Actors Orphanage
By Elliot James

This is the little known and inspiring true story of how the legendary playwright Noël Coward and his committee of famous actors transformed the brutal and austere Actors’ Orphanage (for the children of struggling or absent actor parents) into a place of love and laughter.

Until that is, World War II arrives and the Blitz.  The entire Orphanage is evacuated across a dangerous Atlantic Ocean to the United States.  In New York the children will find a new level of freedom, put on a Broadway show and meet stars such as Charlie Chaplin and Gertrude Lawrence.  However as some grow up they will inevitably be called back to Europe and the War.
The difficult post-war years see Noël struggle to make the Orphanage solvent and successful once again.  There will be more problem children, monstrous staff and glamorous fundraisers before Noël can finally hand over the reins to his young protégé, Richard Attenborough. 

This is a timeless story of altruism, family, love and home. 

The Importance of Happiness: Noël Coward and the Actors’ Orphanage by Elliot James is released on 28/10/20 and available at www.elliotjames.net

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